Pilgrims Progress Academy is designed like a University Model school. We have classes available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to supplement what is being taught at home. This model helps students develop better study habits and self discipline, which will help them perform better in college. Our academy allows for parents to be their children's primary educator, and our program provides structure to help families stay on target.

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Our Mission

  • • To equip young minds toward a Biblical Worldview
  • • To develop godly character
  • • To teach important critical thinking skills
  • • To help students make wise future decisions
  • • To help strengthen family relationships
  • • To encourage a love of learning



Christian education is not simply a matter of starting class with Bible reading and prayer, then teaching subjects out of secular textbooks. It consists of teaching everything, from science and mathematics to literature and the arts, within the framework of an integrated biblical worldview. It means teaching students to relate every academic discipline to God's truth....
- Charles Colson


About the Teachers

Rebecca McBride, director / teacher

Rebecca and her husband, Sam, have been married for 31 years and have 2 children. She has majors in Education and Psychology, and minors in Early Childhood Education and French from Houghton College, and has been teaching for over 30 years. She was an AFS exchange student to Japan in high school, and also studied in France. She lived in Korea, Mexico, and Israel, and was an officer in the U.S. Army Reserves after cross-enrolling in ROTC (to help pay for college). Post-graduate classes include Teaching English as a Second Language, Biblical Counseling, Understanding Nutrition, and Environmental Challenges and Solutions. As a hobby, she has studied natural health for 20 years, and has operated a small business, Beacon Natural Health, in her home.

Rachel McBride, teacher

Miss Rachel has taught in Christian Schools for 4 years. She will be graduating from Liberty University in the fall of 2014 with an interdisciplinary studies degree (with cognates in Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Family and Consumer Science). She studied Spanish while attending a language school for missionaries, and has tutored students in reading, phonics, ESL, and Spanish. She homeschooled a teacher's son in 2006, has studied Nutrition and Environmental Challenges and Solutions through Huntington College of Health Sciences, has taken Creation Science courses through Answers in Genesis, and has taken other Education courses through online colleges. She enjoys reading Christian biographies and studying foreign languages and other cultures. She plans to publish a middle school unit study on Israel (and perhaps on other countries, too).

Josh McBride, graphic designer / teacher

Mr. Josh started his teaching career in Christian schools in 2005. At first, he was a substitute teacher, and then he taught P.E. and Art (as well as after-school enrichment classes), while helping to coach the school's soccer team. Later, he taught at Pilgrim's Progress Academy for 3 years. He attended King's Way Missionary Language School in the Rio Grand Valley in TX to study Spanish, and has taken an intense college course in sign language from Bates Technical College. After studying graphic design, he started his own business, and has been working as a freelance designer for the last 6 years. He has also attended Summit School of Ministry where he studied Bible. He enjoys playing soccer, and playing and teaching guitar and drums. He will be teaching some of the classes while continuing his graphic design business. http://josh360.com

Grades 5-6


Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics is the newest Apologia textbook for children. This lively introduction covers the laws of motion and thermodynamics, various forms of energy, electricity and magnetism, and a study of simple machines using engaging activities, experiments, and projects which provide lots of hands-on learning.


Ancient Civilizations and the Bible will help make the study of ancient history come ALIVE! Unlike the "politically correct," evolution- influenced curriculum of most of today's secular and private schools, this biblically-based curricula shows students the real history of the world! Using creative activities, students will study all of the civilizations from Mesopotamia to Rome.

Language Arts

3rd to 6th grade Grammar will be taught using the Easy Grammar books. In a step-by-step format, this grammar program is "easy to teach and easy to use." We will also be using "living books" for reading, From the Roots Up for Vocabulary, and some of the Learning Language Arts Through Literature to cover spelling, writing, etc.


We will be using Saxon Math textbook esemphasizing critical thinking, logic, and probability. Added manipulatives will help student understand new mathmatical concepts by relating abstract ideas about numbers and shapes to something they can see and touch.





Grades 3-4


Apologia's Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day uses Charlotte Mason's approach of learning. Using notebook activities, special projects, and hands-on experiments, kids will learn about birds, butterflies, bees, and more. Students will also study Earth Science and learn about rocks and minerals, geology and fossils within the framework of a biblical worldview. Students will learn to identify certain kinds of rocks, create their own rock collection, build a volcano, grow crystals, and more.


Students will study the enchanting era of kings, queens, knights, and castles. We will offer a wide variety of activities to provide an understanding of the history, culture, and significance of the Middle Ages. Each student will have the opportunity to create their own coat of arms, make a scroll, learn to juggle, dip candles, and dress up and feast medieval style.

Language Arts

3rd to 6th grade Grammar will be taught using the Easy Grammar books. In a step-by-step format, this grammar program is "easy to teach and easy to use." We will also be using "living books" for reading, From the Roots Up for Vocabulary, and some of the Learning Language Arts Through Literature to cover spelling, writing, etc.


3rd graders will continue using Miquon math transitioning into the Saxon Math textbooks for 4th grade. 4th graders will be usine Saxon with plenty of added manipulatives to help student see and understand new and abstract concepts. Special emphasis will be given to critical thinking, logic, and probability.







Grades K-2


K-2 will begin learning the basic science skills of collecting, observing, classifying, measuring, ordering, and predicting. Students will also study rocks and fossils, plants and gardening, planets and stars, and insects and spiders as unit studies throughout the year.


For K- 2 History/Social Studies, we will study American History and U.S. Geography using A Beka, BJU, and CLP textbooks as references for Unit Studies, along with Konos ideas, and "Living Biographies" of American Heroes.

Language Arts

We provide children with a strong phonics approach to reading. Once your child is reading,we have lots of "Step up to Reading" books (and more) for them to enjoy. However, we've found that the best way to encourage children to read, is to read aloud to them (which we will do all year). Some foreign language will be also included.


The hands-on approach of Miquon Math helps children actively explore math concepts using a learning by doing approach. The use of Cuisenaire Rods and other math manipulatives are very important when teaching the Miquon Math Labs program, since they provide tactile elements that help children visualize and better understand mathematical concepts.

Art / Music / PE

Music, Art and P.E. are all very important activities for young children. These will be incorporated into the K-2 school program to give them a well-rounded education.


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What others are saying...

  • "The McBrides have been a wonderful blessing to me and my children through their vision of keeping the homeschool spirit alive in their school. They receive an enormous amount of attention, encouragement, love, and academic discipline that has resulted in growth in every area of their lives. Most importantly, their walk with the Lord has deepened through watching their teachers live and not just preach what they believe. We count ourselves blessed and privileged to know them and be a part of their school."

    — Barbara C, Parent
  • "Since my son has been attending PPA, we have seen a wonderful change in his attitude, and his self esteem has improved so much. He is no longer bullied, but has met new friends, and enjoys going to school. "

    — Becky K, Parent

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Pilgrims Progress Academy is temporarily closed while we are teaching in Santiago, Chile.

  • Q. Why Pilgrim's Progress?

    Our Academy is named after Pilgrim's Progress, the classic story of a person's journey to heaven. In this allegory, John Bunyan describes the difficulties Pilgrim encounters as he leaves the City of Destruction to follow the narrow path to the Celestial City. The trials and people that he meets, and the lessons that he learns along the way are very similar to what Christians have experienced throughout the ages.

    There is something very special about this book- the greatest allegory ever written. It's still in print and a best seller over 300 years after it was originally published... There is no doubt the Lord has specially blessed Pilgrim's Progress. I believe this is because it is a publication for the whole family so all ages can identify with our earthly struggles and understand the blessed message of the gospel.

    Ken Ham, AiG
  • Q. What is a "University Model" academy?

    This means we have classes only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students complete their other assignments at home during the rest of the week. By developing better study habits and self discipline, students using the M-W-F schedule tend to perform better in college. This model also allows parents to be their children's primary educator, as well as helping them to stay on target.

  • Q. How much does it cost?

    PPA charges $50 per week for grades K-2 and $60 per week for grades 3-6 (with a minimum of 10 students for the school year and a maximum of 15 students). This is an inexpensive price for a high quality Christian education.

  • Q. Who provides the textbooks?

    PPA will provide some of the books, while others must be purchased. Our hands-on unit study approach to education helps to keep the textbook cost down. We have a large library with lots of "living books" (fiction and non-fiction) and Christian textbooks that we use to create our unit studies. We also allow students to use or rent some of our textbooks when available. Although the textbook cost varies by grade and according to what we have available, this year's cost will be under $100.

  • Q. What curriculum do we use?

    We try to balance the Charlotte Mason approach along with some elements of Classical Education. We choose to define classical as only what is of good and lasting value and which conforms to a Biblical standard and worldview. We use a variety of curricula including Apologia, Saxon, A Beka, BJU, etc. The course description page gives more information.

  • Q. When do we meet?

    Grades K-2 will attend classes from 1:00-4:00 on M-W-F, and grades 3-6 will attend classes from 8:00-12:00 on M-W-F. Students are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes early so they are ready to begin each class on time. This means they should have all of their specific textbooks and materials out and ready before class begins. If they arrive for school any earlier than 7:45, they will have to wait outside.

  • Q. Does PPA teach the church doctrine of a specific denomination?

    No, the teachers at PPA attend different churches in the area. We all believe that the Bible is God's Word and should obeyed, but specific doctrine and convictions should be taught in the home and in one's own church. We believe that a serious relationship with Jesus Christ and the commitment to obey His Word is most important; then, Biblical apologetics, and being able to share and intelligently defend one's faith is also crucial.

  • Q. What are some advantages of choosing PPA?

    We offer an inexpensive, quality, private school education with qualified teachers. Our student/teacher ratio is 1:5. We hold a Biblical worldview that:

      • • teaches Creationism,
      • • holds to traditional family values,
      • • teaches students to think and enjoy learning,
      • • helps each student develop their self-concept in a way that is pleasing to the Lord,
      • • and helps each student reach their potential by providing an optimal learning environment while encouraging a healthy lifestyle.


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